Why is our Nations Health on a Decline?

Harvard University Medical School recently had a symposium where top leaders discussed various topics related to the current state of our health in the United States. They discussed the different factors behind the recent rise in various diseases. I have spent over twenty years investigating why there is a decline in health and what the solution would be. I discovered the answer.

First, our immune function is poor. Approximately 50% of the population will get some form of cancer. This is significantly higher than fifty years ago when only one in twelve were at risk. Most people overlook the importance of having a strong immune system to ward off disease. It’s not just “bad luck” if you get sick. Every second your body’s immune system is at work to stop dysfunctional cells from forming, infection from bacteria or viruses, or the exposure to chemical impurities.

The fact is if your immune system is functioning at its best, your risk of becoming sick is greatly decreased. Factors contributing to our poor immune function: Nutrient-Depleted Soils, Nutrient-Deficient Food, Environmental Chemical Impurities, and Most Supplements are Lacking.

As an example, spinach today has only 1/43 the iron content of spinach grown in 1953. We can no longer get all our nutrition from the foods we eat. Experts estimate that there are about ninety nutrients, (including sixty minerals) that our bodies need to work properly.

Besides our soils being depleted leading to nutrient deficient foods, our foods our highly processed, are high in simple carbohydrates, sugars, unhealthy fats, synthetic chemicals and flavors, and are low in natural ingredients. We live in a toxic world. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the soils we grow our food in, the agents we clean our homes with, and even the foods we eat are filled with thousands of chemicals. When synthetic chemicals enter our bodies our immune systems go into crisis, and our bodies go into an inflammatory state. Most supplements do not contain the 90 nutrients believed to be needed by our bodies to function properly. Most are not organic. Most do not contain the enzymes needed for them to be absorbed and utilized by our cells. I can’t tell you how many times I was taking an x-ray of a patient and their vitamin was still intact ready to be “pooped out”.

Because of these problems we have a Health Crisis and an Obesity Epidemic. Our children are in jeopardy. Type II Diabetes and Obesity are rapidly increasing even in the young. Statistics are showing that our children may have lower life spans than their parents. Our bodies can not keep up ad do what they were built to do.

The answer is Nutritional Cellular Cleansing and Replenishing. Cleanse your body of harmful impurities. Give your body the ninty (90) nutrients it needs in an absorbable way. Get the enzymes needed to transport the nutrients. In my twenty years of practice, I have never found the way to achieve this until last year (2010). I have since transformed my life and the lives of my family, friends, and patients.

Yours in health,

Dr. Kyla L. Tremper, DC

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