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Earn2Trade 40% Discount Code: "TCP50". Length: Lifetime, Expires April 2, 2023, PnL Calculation: Unrealized

U-Profit Trading 30% Discount Code: "SPRING30". Length: Subscription Lifetime, Expires April 30, 2023, PnL Calculation: Realized

Surge Trader 10% Discount Code: "TREMPER". Length: 1st Month, Expires April 15, 2023, PnL Calculation: Unique/Unrealized*

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* Cautions: 1) Some companies will auto reset a blown account on your monthly renewal date, other require a manual "reset fee" in addition to the monthly auto renewal. 2) You must read all rules and fine print as there are Evaluation-to-Funded transfer fees (some reoccurring monthly), along with how much and when you can withdrawal and many other rules.

Understanding PnL calculations and your style of trading is a must! Know how these firms calculate their Drawdown Limits either 'Realized' or 'Unrealized'. Meaning, if you take your first long trade and it goes up $500 and then comes back down to break-even and exits, a realized PnL will calculate that as $0 towards your drawdown, an unrealized PnL calculation will use the high of the intra-trade (unrealized profit) of five hundred even though your realized PnL balance is $0. Calculating rules based on 'Unrealized PnL' you should never trail! Only take small targets working towards your ultimate account target. Of course, most will have a Daily Trailing Drawdown and that's understandable. If you're not using the Discipline Manager® or another system to monitor your drawdown, be very careful, especially using unrealized PnL calculations.


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   Discipline Manager®Entry Signals,   Helix® or Reversal Bars

Discipline Manager® 30% Discount Code (Reg $49.95): Length: Subscription Lifetime, Expires March 19, 2023, PnL Calculation: Unrealized or Realized*


Apex Trade Copier Discounted 75% to $150     How to install for 2 different funding companies     Download Link     Rithmic Connection

Replikanto Trade Copier Options from $99-$249

Duplicate Account Actions $995


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