ATR Trader v1.4.8

ATR Trader templates path:   ...\NinjaTrader 8\templates\Strategy\ATRProjectionsTrader

5/1 Chart ATR Trader and ATR Indicator templates, and ATRT settings printout: Zip File, Revised: 05/29/21

How to download your trade data (04/23/21)

ATR Trader Strategy®, Updated: 06/16/21 08/09/21

ATR Projections Indicator®, Updated: 02/17/21 06/02/21

Trend Trade Conditions

Beta tester only. Please run NinjaScript Output while using.

Beta Tester Communication

ATR Trader Version Updates

• MAE/MFE Extensions tweaks • MAs separator option • MAs individual color/shape/size schemes (color follows trend) • Added "Require MA Separations". Large and EMA/SMA (if enabled). • Fixed stuck trading • Not setting priority to high (will you Windows) • Barrier bar only filters price going into bar, not if bar is behind price. • Bug Fixes

Pivot Stop Management (03/19/21)

Barrier Bar Into (03/18/21)

ATR Trader Settings (02/18/21)

ATR Trader Punch List (02/19/21)

Please let me reemphasize I am only testing on SIM and do not recommend moving to live until we evaluate data.