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     Status Box Overview

     Trailing Drawdown Explained

How To's:

     3rd Party Vendor's Machine ID Instructions

     How to install account commissions

     How to install NinjaTrader Add-ons

     How to remove NinjaTrader Add-ons

Version Update Notes:

Receive email updates specific to the Status Box.
Current Version:  Status Box v23.09.04.01 and Status Box Add On v81.
Modified Status Box AddOn Tool to display accounts in alphabetical order and most importantly, AP holds values after re-connect. * Please be sure you have both version updates! Clear all browser cache files or the easier way is download the files using an Incognito window to be confident it will download the most recent file. Your browser has a way of keeping like-files in cache and not allowing to download a new. Please review Troubleshooting for questions.
In order for price to match you're broker, you will need to add your Commissions within NinjaTrader 8.
Any questions, feel free to reach out in Social Hour for technical support in order to share screens.