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This idea came from conversations with others regarding BOT and algorithm trading. I track all the trades from the BOTs (SIM) in the spreadsheet in order to analyze statistics on their settings (this data can be entered manually also). Apparently I'm not alone, so I started taking data from others and the thought is if we combined our stats we can have a large dataset with different instruments and settings. We then can use the spreadsheet to filter out undesirable times and settings, leave us with the best results.

In order to achieve this however, we need a large dataset. NinjaTrader (and other programs) allows us to export our trade data and we can then evaluate for the best settings that can be shared within our "Traders Group"(or not).

If you're a statistics geek too and are interested, please complete this Contact Form if you're new, or if you're in our Traders Group feel free to contact me or jump in our Social Hour and ask questions there.

I'm looking forward to your thoughts.

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